Launch Team Application

Dear Friend,

I am excited that you are interested in being part of my launch.

Once accepted, you will be able to join my elite group of "CCS Book Encouragers." There, you will receive an advanced reading copy of the book, and you will get several bonus items as we get closer to launch day.

Being on the team will involve you writing a review for the book that you will put on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the first day of launch week. Since Amazon puts the most value on reviews from peope who have actually bought the book, I will ask you to buy a copy on that first day too. That will be at it's lowest price of probably $1.99.

You will also get "Time Management for Writers," and a soon to be produced graphic of the steps to your finished book. Other bonuses will be added as we go along.

Please fill out the application by an answering just a few questions.

Thanks in advance,


Are you a regular watcher of "Walking with Randy"?

Are you an author? (If so, and you would like to describe your book, please feel free to do so.)

When you receive the advanced reading copy of the book, will you quickly read at least three chapters?

Will you write a review that can be copied into Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the launch date?

Will you commit to buy a copy of the book (at its lowest price of about $1.99) on launch day?

Will you check in on our Facebook group, CCS Book Encouragers, at least 2 or 3 times a week to keep updated on our progress?